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HtCad - Main characteristics

The product is certificato dal CTI per l'applicazione delle specifiche tecniche UNITS 11300 parti 1, 2, 3, 4.
The program implements forwards as required by the following decrees:

  • D.M. 06/26/2015 or minimum requirements
  • Lombardy Region - D.G.R. 3868 of 07/17/2015
  • Emilia Romagna Region - D.G.R. 967 of 07/20/2015
  • Provincia Autonoma di Trento - D.P.P. n. 11-13/Leg del 13/07/2009

Attainment of the qualifying title

Reports shall be prepared for the following categories of interventions:

  • New projects and expansions of existing buildings
  • Important Level I restructuring
  • Important Level II restructuring
  • Upgrading energy

Thermal and energy calculations

  • Calcolo dei rendimenti di impianto e del fabbisogno di energia primaria conforme alle specifiche tecniche UNI/TS 11300 - 1 - 2 - 3 – 4 – 5 - 6
  • Calcolo delle trasmittanze termica di strutture opache secondo la norma UNI EN ISO 6946:2008 e vetrate in conformità alla norma UNI EN ISO 10077-1
  • Check ASHRAE for the summer minimum calculation of the walls
  • Verifica della condensa superficiale e interstiziale delle strutture secondo UNI EN ISO 13788:2013
  • Calcolo delle dispersioni invernali con resoconto statistico delle strutture disperdenti (UNI EN 12831:2006)
  • Dimensionamento delle centrali di trattamento aria per impianti di termoventilazione con calcolo del fabbisogno di energia primaria per il servizio di ventilazione meccanica e delle dispersioni energetiche sia nei sistemi di canalizzazioni sia nei sistemi di distribuzione del fluido termovettore
  • Calculating the electricity produced by the photovoltaic (ASHRAE)
  • Calcolo della redditività degli interventi di recupero con la determinazione di: VAN, TRA e TIR
  • Guidance system for the graphical input enforcement via a browser that allows you to run the project in sequential order
  • Quickly and accurately graphical input with automatic three-dimensional modeling
  • Individuazione automatica dei ponti termici e implementazione dell'abaco dei ponti termici implementato da CESTEC SPA, ANCE Lombardia e il Politecnico di Milano
  • Individuazione automatica delle frontiere scambianti
  • Archivio materiali compilato secondo le norme UNI EN ISO 10456:2008 e UNI EN ISO 10351:2015 e completamente personalizzabile
  • Verification of law compliance with rapid setting of unmet checks
  • Control of errors and warnings on tabular and positioning input through the navigator on the field and concerned form
  • Dynamic labels summary of all the romms characteristics
  • Generating summary legends, Windows, and custom print layouts
  • Produzione delle relazioni di calcolo e della relazione tecnica in formato RTF
  • Riepilogo a video dei principali risultati di calcolo
  • Possibilità di esportare elaborati grafici
  • Redazione dell’Attestato di Qualificazione Energetica

Solar thermal

  • Collector array sizing calculation (F-CHART method and conforms to UNI 8477)
  • Check the performance of an existing collector field (ASHRAE)
  • Subsystem calculations are intended only for the production of domestic hot water (DHW), the sole production of heating, and combined systems
  • Definizione del fabbisogno di ACS secondo la specifica tecnica UNI/TS 11300-2:2016
  • Covered demand fraction by solar energy is calculated with reference to the users needs and with reference to the primary energy needs, combined with the facility to fuel-powered generators or heat pumps
  • Project management through a wizard in sequential windows
  • Calculation method to preset schemes or system components manual selection
  • Pre-built and customizable database for solar collectors, storage tank, generators, and piping
  • Cost/benefit economic analysis
  • Determination of the project's most important economic indicators (NPV, RI,TRa) related to the installation costs, electricity and fuel, maintenance, financial costs, and gross tax deductions the tax on interest and for redevelopment energy (Budget 2007)
  • Print of the project's technical and economic report in RTF format
  • Reading the heating requirements for heating and/or domestic hot water: The Law 10 release and the project ENERGY PLATE report with and without integrated solar reflecting the overall energy improvement


  • Disegno e dimensionamento di reti
    • Termiche: riscaldamento e raffrescamento (per il raffrescamento è necessario il modulo Carterm)
    • Idrico-sanitarie
    • Gas
    • Fluido bifase
  • Network drawing to shaft circulators and a series of terminals of energy use
  • Customizable terminal databases with indication of the thermal properties (specifications) and dimensional: ability to associate custom .dwg blocks two and three-dimensional
  • Customized manifolds, pipes (all materials), generators databases
  • Unified network of components and design (with ASHRAE symbolism) or three-dimensional scale
  • Automatic sizing the radiators in various ways.
  • Distribution networks graphical input and the possibility of manual insertion of a fictitious external pipe section
  • Automatic link between the pipelines network and designed terminals (multiple selection)
  • Trunks lengths calculation and singularity, diameters dimensioning, terminal balancing, effective range of the distribution, dispersed energy along the path (actual temperature at the terminals), insulation thickness based on the pipe location
  • Plumbing networks sizing calculation on the load unit basis (UNI 9182) and statistics courses (DIN 1988)
  • Creating and customizing tables for the association between unit load and flow
  • Displayed objects modifications and update the results of real-time calculation
  • Detailed calculation report in RTF format and bill of materials (.RTF and .XLS)
  • Automatic drawing of the Return network for heating systems and Heat network for plumbing systems
  • Special pieces manual entry (balancing valves, gate valves)
  • Management changes in elevation of the drawing through anchor building objects
  • Enter grip point and Osnap point on designs drawn by the user terminal
  • Possibilità di esportare elaborati grafici

Radiant cooling

  • Calcolo in riscaldamento secondo la norma UNI EN 1264 1-2-3-5
  • Calcolo in raffrescamento secondo la Norma UNI EN 1264-5 (in abbinamento con Carterm)
  • Ability to input room tabular powers for heating and cooling
  • The new window for the supply temperature control allows a higher level of interaction with the project directly allowing the modification of parameters such as: power environment, the number of circuits, the type of step, covering, etc.
  • Customizable databases finishes, radiant systems, pipes, panels and steps of the circuits, manifolds
  • Automatic extraction and/or manual paneled perimeters
  • Automatic design of circuits for floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Design of spirals, serpentines, guided serpentines, double serpentines, and more in general of the radiant systems following categories:
    • Embedded pipes in wet concrete structures
    • Pipes placed in wooden or dry structures
    • Immersed pipes in drywall panels or capillaries
  • Dynamic design of the conduits
  • Extended data not modal for editing the project in each component
  • Possibility of manually editing the circuit coils
  • Preparing the radiant systems design, prefabricated air-conditioning
  • Control Panel for the detailed results analysis for central heating, for manifold, for room
  • Calculations of dimensioning, balance, and quantity surveys
  • Multilingual technical reports in RTF format
  • Bill of materials in multilingual RTF and .XLS formats.
  • Possibilità di esportare elaborati grafici

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