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Richiede AutoCAD© full version release 2021 a 64 bit o successiva

Any solution chosen includes all updates released during the rental year (major releases/service packs), Basic Technical Support (installation issues), Online Technical Assistance (support on project files), as well as the possibility of participating in all Mc4Software training activities.

The programs are sold under a temporary use license with expiration at the end of the contract, the prices refer to the minimum contractual period. The contract has a minimum duration of one year, beginning on the day of invoicing, without automatic renewal or early termination. In case of loss, theft or breakage of the hardware key or in case of loss or damage to the software license, it will be necessary to sign a new annual contract at the current rates

• HvacCad module STD has a maximum calculation area of up to 2000 sqm and/or 200 rooms or calculated terminals.
• All other solutions are provided as PRO, free of restrictions.

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HvacCad 2021
HvacCad 2021 Characteristics STD APP PRO APP
HtCadIMP Heat loss calculation, hydronic system design and calculation, automatic Hvac terminal sizing and selection (radiators, fan coils) , radiant heating design with automatic loop layout and calculation (according to UNI EN 1264-1-2-3-5), snow melt calculation, plumbing system design and sizing, technical calculation reports and optimization of solar thermal systems, performance and operating cost saving calculations for solar domestic hot water heating system 
€ 400
Duct Ductwork work design 
€ 800
HvacCad Includes HtCadIMP and Duct 
€ 1500
€ 1950
HtTB Finite element calculation module for thermal bridges 
€ 200
FireCad 2021
FireCad 2021 Characteristics STD APP PRO APP
FireCad Fire protection system design 
€ 1400
PipeCad 2020
PipeCad 2021 Characteristics STD APP PRO APP
PipeCad Mechanical room design (3D and schematic drawing) 
€ 975
NoiseCad 2021
NoiseCad 2021 Characteristics STD APP PRO APP
NoiseCad Predictive calculation of acoustic behavior of complex building elements (Method of Progressive Impedance MIP, Statistical Energy Analisys SEA, Classical Method or Mass Law) + Calculation of sound passing by air, façade and tramway sound according to UNI EN 12354 simplified method + Verification of passive acoustic requirements of buildings according to DPCM 5/12/97 
€ 1000
HtCAM+ 2021
HtCAM+ 2021 Characteristics STD APP PRO APP
HtCAM+ Complete package for energy-acoustic testing and CAM (includes HtCadL10, HtCAM, NoiseCad). 
€ 1200
Mc4Suite 2021
Mc4Suite Premium 2021 Characteristics STD APP PRO APP
Mc4Suite Premium All modules 
€ 2650