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Mc4Software - AHR Expo New York

New York City - one of the most exciting high powered destinations in the United States and home to the AHR 2008 Expo was the location chosen by Mc4Software to announce the release of Mc4Suite2008. This announcement was to a record breaking international audience. Over 1,800 exhibitors displayed their products to a record breaking audience of over 50,000 attendees. Over 300 visitors from across the United States, Europe and South America filled the Mc4 booth. Those visitors were among the first to receive a copy of the new 2008 Mc4Suite release all documentation, videos and information. With the assistance of Gianfranco and Rageey visitors were able experience and work with Mc4Suite 2008 first hand on our state-of-the art wide screen monitor. We would like to thank everyone for visiting our booth at the AHR Expo in New York. We enjoyed meeting and speaking with each person. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to working with each of you individually in 2008.