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Fire sprinkler computer design program

Fire sprinkler computer design program

FireCad contains all features necessary for a complete fire system design. No additional software is needed.
FireCad has a powerful graphical engine which is 100% AutoCAD® compatible. FireCad can be used as an AutoCAD® add-on or a stand- alone software program. All files are 100% .dwg format compatible which allows sharing of all data and files. FireCad calculations are accurate and reliable.

Calculation methods developed by Mc4Software give the user a powerful design tool in a user friendly environment. FireCad 2008 contains all features necessary for a complete fire system design.


  • Generate a true 3D drawing or 2D drawing
  • Draw risers and pump details in 3-D
  • Size your fire systems with one pick and get automatic material list
  • Draw the way you want to: draw at any angle, draw pipe in any order using AutoCAD command
  • Use external references (dwg, images) without any modification
  • Draw at any scale or on any sheet size on any size drawing
  • Automatic sizing and noding of entire drawing
  • Automatic drawing checkups to verify piping connections
  • Convert drawing and alculations between Imperial and Metric unit systems
  • Complete documentation - on-line Windows help file and up to date manuals and tutorials


  • Full compatibility with NFPA 13 standard requirements
  • Library of pump and backflow device curves included
  • User definable pump and backflow curves
  • Backflow loss read automatically off of curves based on flow required
  • Automatic flow schematic reference points calculation
  • Enter actual diameters for each pipe or use nominal diameter and pipe type
  • Fitting equivalent length adjusted based on pipe type
  • Automatic error checking
  • Calculates using Velocity Pressure or Total Pressure
  • Calculates using Hazen-Williams
  • Displays and instantly updates calculated flow, pressure and velocity for each pipe


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