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Duct - Duct Sizing and Analysis

Duct - Duct Sizing and Analysis

Duct be used to design complete air conditioning systems including both supply and return ductwork for ventilation systems and complete exhaust systems for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Air duct networks can be sized by using the Equal Friction, Static Regain and/or Constant Velocity calculation method. Rectangular, round and flexible ducts are allowed.


  • Room-by-room air flow calculations
  • AHU sizing according to different ventilation systems
  • Quickly create new floor plan drawings or import existing AutoCAD drawings or raster images
  • Automatic outlets placement in rooms and connection with duct distribution
  • Calculates optimal air conditioning duct sizes
  • Computes round, rectangular, & flat oval duct sizes
  • Four sizing methods available: Static Regain, Equal Friction, Constant Velocity
  • Both supply and return duct systems can be designed in the same project
  • Detailled ventilation calculation
  • Reports and Bill of Material generated as RTF files (for Microsoft Word)
  • Uses ASHRAE calculation method
  • Uses either English or metric units
  • Includes customizable toolbar and menu to fit your work style

Mc4Software Ductwork module is a complete software package. Powered by an AutoCAD® engine and requires no additional purchase of AutoCAD®. The AutoCAD® engine is included with the purchase of the Duct module.


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