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FireCad - all features

  • Systems design with sprinkler coverage, fire hoses, external and internal fire hydrants, and mixed networks;
  • Fire compartments calculation according to NFPA 13
  • Graphics definition and tabular compartments;
  • Customizable databases of the most common types of fire terminal (upright and pendent sprinklers, fire hydrants, etc.);
  • Customizable piping databases (any materials), pumps, tanks;
  • Calculation and dimensioning of hydraulic networks with any geometry (open networks, closed rings, etc.) without a limit to the complexity of the circuits;
  • Check the fire load of local and specific compartments according to the decrees of the Ministry of the Interior 02/16/2007 and 03/09/2007
  • Sprinkler positioning manual or automatic;
  • Sprinkler disposition according to the building coverage type (flat roof, pitched roof, sloping roof);
  • Design and dimensioning of in-rack sprinklers for warehouse fire protection;
  • Available manual free space of the other terminals or directly 'on the pipe';
  • Automatic sizing the radiators in various ways;
  • Automatic detection of the Most Demanding and Least Demanding distribution;
  • Automatic calculation for determining the total flow rate and of the pumping systems necessary pressure;
  • Supply system automatic selection (pump characteristic and possible water reserve);
  • Active terminals possible selection on which to perform a system simulation calculation;
  • Print the graph resulting from the delivery calculation, head and choice of the pumping system;
  • Print comprehensive and detailed input data in RTF format and the values derived from the hydraulic calculation. Details for each individual trunk: water flow rate, pressure loss, special pieces equivalent length, pressure to the terminals;
  • Bill of materials in multilingual RTF and .XLS formats.

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