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The most flexible and cost-effective solution for your APE

APE-Online is the online service certified by the CTI (Italian Thermotechnical Committee) for the drafting of the Energy Performance Certificate for buildings.. It applies to existing new buildings and any other use: Residential, Commercial, Schools, Hospitals, Production activities, etc....

  • EFFICIENT. No installation, no worries, no standards always up to date
    APE Online is a professional tool that allows you to create the Energy Performance Certificate without buying software, without worrying about technical or regulatory updates, with the certainty that you will always comply with the latest legal requirements.
    APE Online does not bind you to your office or a single computer: it is accessible from any location or device connected to the Internet, even from Mac.
  • COMPLETE. Implement all national and local regulations
    By selecting the project location, the software automatically defines the appropriate regulations to allow you to obtain the correct certification at all times.
    APE Online is constantly updated with the latest regulations requirements
  • EASY. Logical and clear guided compilation. Online help always available
    APE Online is simple to use and follows the logic typical of the certifier. Each passage is provided with contextual help that illustrates all sections of the project and archives.
    In addition, the calculation section provides an interactive guide that helps you to correct any errors in filling in the masks.
  • PERSONALIZED. Your reserved area with the history of your certificates always available
    APE Online is in fact the archive of your Energy Performance Certificates, always available from any location and device.