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Mc4Suite - Characteristics

È l'insieme dei moduli di progettazione che ricavano le informazioni principali dal modello architettonico del fabbricato. Di seguito elenchiamo gli aspetti funzionali comuni. Per le funzionalità specifiche si rimanda ai singoli moduli che la compongono.


  • Graphical input of design elements objects;
  • Integrated graphics engine developed with Gräbert GmbH OEM technology can operate in the original DWG format. You can also use the AutoCAD graphics engine as it is available in the AutoCAD application version (full versions from 2010 to 2016 64-bit);
  • Two-dimensional elements (lines, arcs, polylines, etc.) transformation into real objects present in DWG files even when they are used as external references;
  • Legends summary, windows, and custom print layout on the same directive;
  • Detailed technical reports and printed in RTF format for each project;
  • Bill of materials prints in RTF and MS Excel (XLS) formats;
  • Personalized management of the unit of measurement and their accuracy by the standards of the Inch-Pound (IP) system and the International System (SI);
  • Configuring the program and print techniques in multiple languages (English, Italian, French, Spanish, etc.).

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