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Carterm - Main characteristics

Calculation of peak summer and winter thermal loads. The program implements the transfer functions method (TFM) depicted in ASHRAE Handbook 1985-2005.
The program then performs the dynamic calculation, hour by hour, and the heat transfer through the calculation object of the building envelope. It performs the cooling loads calculation and the heat extraction rate by simulating the behavior of the individual room in which is installed a controlled regulator by a thermostat set point which can be set by zone.
The program also calculates the air handling that is possible present. You can enter different air handling units per project (one for each zone) and simulate different systems following:

  • Primary air
  • All air with the mixture (from 0 to 100%)
  • Post heating at the room level

The simulation results provide particularly:

  • Peak maximum power of the single room (sizing the fan-coil or diffuser)
  • Contemporary maximum power for the zone and building (sizing the chiller)
  • Sizing terminals
    • Battery power (cold, pre- and post-heating)
    • Adiabatic humidifier
    • Airflow fan

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