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Duct - Main characteristics

  • DuctBuilder - Design and working drawing of air ducts
  • Network types: air-conditioning equipment (supply and return), simple ventilation networks, civil extraction, and industrial networks;
  • Design of rectangular, circular, and flexible ducts;
  • Disegno delle reti di canali di collegamento tra fancoil canalizzato ed ambienti serviti
  • Customizable diffusers database organized by category and complete with all the technical and dimensional data;
  • Rich database of specieal parametric and customizable pieces. There are curves of all the special pieces on display in the ASHRAE Handbook and Idelchik Handbook
  • Design of diffusers: linear, circular, square, cassette, grids supply and return, with side ports, jet nozzles, etc.;
  • Three-dimensional design management of the network and terminals positioning;
  • Docking building objects;
  • Automatic and manual insertion of special parts (elbows, tees, etc.);
  • Inserting grip point and OSnap point drawings/manually generated blocks;
  • Auto-arranging terminals in space;
  • Method of introducing the single diffuser 'free' space, or directly 'on channel';
  • Automatic connection of terminals with the distribution channels;
  • Three-dimensional design with object editing generated by management sidebar;
  • Possibility of imposing a fixed size to the channel when sizing according to the dimensions assessment;
  • Network calculating methods: constant pressure drop, recovery of static pressure, constant speed;
  • Balancing of networks through narrowing/widening of branches;
  • Balancing by automatic insertion of the dampers on the branches and/or on the terminals.

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