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PipeCad - Main characteristics

  • PIPECAD - The design of the central thermal plant;
  • Parametric central components databases (valves, pumps, flanges, manifolds, boilers, chillers, burners, gauges, tanks, expansion tanks, etc.) editable and implemented by the user;
  • More than 1,500 components and products of different manufacturers stored in various databases;
  • Precise and accurate graphical representation;
  • Components realistic rendering;
  • Input simple and natural components using three simple clicks of the mouse: (1) position, (2) orientation, and (3) rotation in the XY plane or on its axis;
  • Adapters calculated and inserted automatically depending on the pipes dimensions;
  • Automatic and manual insertion of special parts (elbows, tees, etc.);
  • Custimization of special pieces according to the type and the curvature radius;
  • Different types of joints between selected pipes by the user (threading, flanging, pressure, welding)
  • Final design and verification of consistency reading of the same;
  • Project labels and legends bearing component description and code abacus;
  • In the application version, full compatibility with AutoCAD® commands (dimensioning, layout, rendering, etc.) for the realistic executive layout achievements;
  • Project's bill of materials exportable into MS Word and MS Excel format;
  • Regional and customized price lists included in the program
  • Full compatibility with the Solar-thermal module for loading data into the central solar project;
  • Full compatibility with the HvacCad module for loading data into the central radiation project (radiant heat);

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