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Mc4Carterm for Revit - Le principali caratteristiche

Thermal and energy calculations

  • Thermal transmittance calculation of any structure and opaque glass windows horizontally and vertically in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 10077-1
  • Check ASHRAE for the summer minimum calculation of the walls
  • Calculation of winter heat losses with dispersants structures statistical overview (UNI EN 12831:2006)
  • Sizing of air treatment plants for thermoventilation systems
  • Calcolo dei carichi termici di punta estivi secondo Transfer Function Method (TFM) - ASHRAE
  • Calcolo del cooling loads e del heat extraction rate con simulazione sul singolo ambiente
  • Calcolo delle unità di trattamento aria per singola zona per simulare i seguenti tipi di impianto:
    • Primary air
    • All air with the mixture (from 0 to 100%)
    • Post heating at the room level
  • The simulation results provide particularly:
    • Peak maximum power of the single room (sizing the fan-coil or diffuser)
    • Contemporary maximum power for the zone and building (sizing the chiller)
    • Sizing of the air handling unit:
      • Battery power (cold, pre- and post-heating)
      • Adiabatic humidifier
      • Airflow fan
  • Automatic detection of thermal bridges and implementation schedule of thermal bridges enforced by CESTEC SPA, ANCE Lombardy and the Politecnico di Milano
  • Automatic detection of thermal bridges and exchanging borders
  • Archive materials compiled according to UNI EN ISO 10456:2008, UNI EN ISO 10351:2015, and fully customizable
  • Dynamic labels summary of all the romms characteristics
  • Produzione delle relazioni di calcolo in formato RTF
  • Costs summary of the calculation results
  • Ability to export drawings

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