Mc4Legge10DE for Revit

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Mc4Legge10DE for Revit - Le principali caratteristiche

The product is certificato dal CTI per l'applicazione delle specifiche tecniche UNITS 11300 parti 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
The program implements forwards as required by the following decrees:

  • D.M. 06/26/2015 or minimum requirements
  • Lombardy Region - D.G.R. 3868 of 07/17/2015
  • Emilia Romagna Region - D.G.R. 967 of 07/20/2015
  • Autonomous Province of Trento - D.P.P. n. 11-13/Leg of 07/13/2009

Attainment of the qualifying title

Reports shall be prepared for the following categories of interventions:

  • New projects and expansions of existing buildings
  • Important Level I restructuring
  • Important Level II restructuring
  • Upgrading energy

Thermal and energy calculations

  • Calculating the system yield and the primary energy demand within ASHRAE specifications
  • Thermal transmittance calculation of any structure and opaque glass windows horizontally and vertically in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 10077-1
  • Check ASHRAE for the summer minimum calculation of the walls
  • Inspection of the surface and interstitial condensation of structures according to UNI EN ISO 13788:2013
  • Calculation of winter heat losses with dispersants structures statistical overview (UNI EN 12831:2006)
  • Calculating the electricity produced by the photovoltaic (ASHRAE)
  • Profitability calculation of the recovery operations with the determination of: NPV, IRR, and Tra
  • Automatic detection of thermal bridges and implementation schedule of thermal bridges enforced by CESTEC SPA, ANCE Lombardy and the Politecnico di Milano
  • Automatic detection of thermal bridges and exchanging borders
  • Archive materials compiled according to UNI EN ISO 10456:2008, UNI EN ISO 10351:2015, and fully customizable
  • Verification of law compliance with rapid setting of unmet checks
  • Dynamic labels summary of all the romms characteristics
  • Production of calculation reports and the technical report in RTF format
  • Costs summary of the calculation results
  • Ability to export drawings
  • Preparing the APE (Energy Performance Certificate)

Solar thermal

  • Collector array sizing calculation (F-CHART method and conforms to UNI 8477)
  • Check the performance of an existing collector field (ASHRAE)
  • Subsystem calculations are intended only for the production of domestic hot water (DHW), the sole production of heating, and combined systems
  • Defining the ACS requirements according to ASHRAE technical specification
  • Covered demand fraction by solar energy is calculated with reference to the users needs and with reference to the primary energy needs, combined with the facility to fuel-powered generators or heat pumps
  • Project management through a wizard in sequential windows
  • Calculation method to preset schemes or system components manual selection
  • Pre-built and customizable database for solar collectors, storage tank, generators, and piping
  • Cost/benefit economic analysis
  • Determination of the project's most important economic indicators (NPV, RI,TRa) related to the installation costs, electricity and fuel, maintenance, financial costs, and gross tax deductions the tax on interest and for redevelopment energy (Budget 2007)
  • Print of the project's technical and economic report in RTF format
  • Reading the heating requirements for heating and/or domestic hot water: The Law 10 release and the project ENERGY PLATE report with and without integrated solar reflecting the overall energy improvement

Diagnosi e riqualificazione energetica

  • Calcolo dei fabbisogni dei vari vettori energetici in regime in funzionamento intermittente, come previsto dalla UNI EN ISO 13790, considerando le ore di effettivo funzionamento dell’impianto alla temperatura di set-point o a regime ridotto
  • Calcolo della redditività degli interventi di riqualificazione con la determinazione di: VAN, TRA e TIR
  • Stampa con valutazione economica dell'intervento di riqualificazione, computo metrico
  • Diagnosi energetica dell'edificio, conforme alle norme UNI CEI EN 16247-1-2, con stampe delle relazioni di calcolo dell'edificio ante e post intervento
  • Possibilità di inserimento automatico dell'intervento di riqualificazione energetica tra le migliorie previste nella compilazione dell'A.P.E. con calcolo automatico del tempo di ritorno dell'investimento e classe energetica raggiungibile
  • Possibilità di effettuare il confronto tra diverse soluzioni progettuali

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