Mc4Noise for Revit

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NoiseCad - The main features


  • Predicting the behavior of soundproofing components using the law of mass concepts and the MIP (Method of Impedance Progressive)
  • Materials database date with the acoustic data (Young's modulus, Poisson's Ratio, Internal loss factor, Dynamic rigidity, and Specific resistance to flow)
  • Pre-compiled structure availability on the basis of certified technical sales of individual producers
  • Object databases that create continuity solutions in the separation elements (air intake grilles, fans etc.).
  • Condivisione integrale dell'input con il modulo Legge10 (stesso input grafico, stesso archivio strutture ecc.) Rilievo automatico dei ponti acustici (giunti) sia orizzontali che verticali
  • Architectural elements automatic detection of the room objects to verification (bordering other building units and/or with the outside)
  • Automatic detection of acoustic paths
  • Print the room by room report in RTF format

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