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Solar thermal applications sizing and drawing

Using the sun’s energy to heat water is not a new idea. More than one hundred years ago, black painted water tanks were used as simple solar water heaters in a number of countries. Solar water heating (SWH) technology has greatly improved during the past century. Today there are more than 30 million solar collectors installed around the globe.

Solar water heating systems use solar collectors and a liquid handling unit to transfer heat to the load, generally via a storage tank. The liquid handling unit includes the pump(s) used to circulate the working fluid from the collectors to the storage tank, control and safety equipment. When properly designed, solar water heaters will work when the outside temperature is well below freezing and are protected from overheating on hot, sunny days. Many systems also have a back-up heater to ensure that all of the consumer’s hot water needs are met even when there is insufficient sunshine.


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The Mc4Software module - SunnyCad is a simulation program for planning and professional design of solar thermal systems. The SunnyCad module offers multiple system configurations, calculates system performance and operating cost savings of solar domestic hot water heating systems.

SunnyCad easily calculates:

  • Array modules configuration
  • Collector slope and azimuth
  • Heat exchanger influence
  • Single or double tanks configurations

Simply enter the building location, water consumption and system configuration. SunnyCad will automatically size the collector and water tank. This allows the designer to select optimal system configuration for each specific project.

SunnyCad system simulation benefits:

  • Allows the designer to change system variables to calculate annual system performance with a variety of configurations
  • Allows the designer to set the orientation of the collector type, slope and azimuth, allowing the designer to view several “what-if” scenarios to obtain maximum system placement and efficiency
  • Calculates complete economic return on investment using economic indicators: Net Present Value (NPV), Pay-Back period (Tra), Profitability Index (PI)
  • Operating cost comparisons; including applicable statewide or federal tax benefits and incentives
  • Evaluate same system design in different climates
  • Calculate life-cycle economics with return on investment


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Dynamic simulation for the design and optimization of solar thermal systems.
Performance and operating cost savings calculations for solar domestic hot water heating systems
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