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Technical FAQ
How do I open a Cad file in Mc4?

Mc4Suite is custom AutoCAD® software-based product. Mc4Software reads and creates DWGTM files that are fully AutoCAD DWG compatible. To open a DWG CAD file with Mc4 Suite, click "Open" in the software menu bar and browse your system to pick the DWG files you want to open.


When will my order be shipped?

All orders are shipped within two (2) days from the day th order was placed. All porducts are shipped via US mail.

How should I save my files?

Mc4Suite is custom AutoCAD® software-based product. Mc4Suite creates and saves DWG files that are fully AutoCAD DWG compatible.   All DWG files saved with Mc4Suite are automatically converted in AutoCAD format if opened with classic AutoCAD Full or Light release

Can I view the diagrams in 2D and 3D?

Any object can be drawn in 2D or 3D such as ducts, pipes, boilers, valves, etc. You may also change between 2D and 3D by using the command located on the laterar project bar

Does the software design both residential and commercial buildings?

The Mc4Suite Program quickly and accurately calculates peak heating and cooling loads for residential and commercial buildings in accordance with the ASHRAE standard calculation methods.

Can I choose my own colors for my designs?

Yes, right click on the AutoCAD drawing to get the ‘Property Sheet' dialog box or right click on the ABOUT icon on the main menu to get the PROPERTY toolbar on. The AutoCAD color is 'Automatic' and corresponds to the colors in the original AutoCAD drawing. To change the color, click on the ‘AutoCAD color' field and choose a color from the ones provided in the drop down list.

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