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Mc4 Stay-up, support and upgrade without any worries

Mc4 Stay-Up.
Working with the peace of mind, with monthly installments

Automatic software updates and Online Technical Support. Even with a monthly fee.

Stay-Up is the comprehensive subscription service that allows you to work without worries, with the up to date software and with the peace of mind of having an Mc4Software technician always at your side.

An integrated package of services that combine the on-line Mc4Software Technical Support via e-mail, technical assistance in real-time via chat and remote control, along with the peace of mind of always being updated to the latest version of your Mc4 software.
All this combined with the ability to pay with small monthly fees without any financial burden.

Stay-Up is the ideal service for those who want to have a technician always available without worrying about the service agreement and your software updates, with the advantage of your investment installments at no additional cost.

The principle service features

Mc4 Stay-Up offers a variety of advanced services that allows you to concentrate exclusively about your business, without the worry of having to upgrade your tools and with the serenity to have your own innovative Technical Support when you need it;

  • On-line technichal support by e-mail without limits, included in the service;
  • Upgrade to the current Mc4 software release in your possession that's included in the price;
  • Real-time chat support with fare-time: you only pay when you use the service;
  • Chat support with remote control: while talking to our engineers see live on your monitor the operations necessary to solve all of your questions.
    Rate time: you only pay when you use the service;
  • Maximum flexibility: different service configurations designed for each type of customer;
  • Ability of converting an on-line technical support contract already active in a Stay-Up contract;
  • Option to pay in installments without interest or other additional costs.

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